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How To Be A Festival Camping Hero

Take this stuff and you’ll save the day when camping at UK festivals

Any group of festival-goers has its stereotypical members. The pleasure-seekers who buy one of those instant tents so they can start partying without a single second’s delay, but end up shivering like a drowned rat under a borrowed blanket on the third night, crying out for their mums. Or a little further up the food chain lie those well-meaning, fashion-conscious festivalettes who bring their portable hair crimpers but forget to bring wellies. Or a pillow.

And then there is you. The kind of person who thinks of everything – a festival knight on a white charger (or with a portable phone charger) who has the headache pills, binbags, Jaffa Cakes, spare dry socks, and just the general aura of being a sorted person who’s great to go to festivals with.

One has to question this chaps interpretation of the term ‘festival essentials’

So with one swift trip to an outdoor shop, a quick browse of the dizzying array of camping equipment and a half-hour scour of the internet, you’ll be able to soak up the adulation of your friends at the next festival you go to while simultaneously feeling cosy in your tent, and warm from the smugness you radiate.

Dry bags

It’s not going to rain at a British festival, surely? Bring along a couple of these zip-up waterproof wonders and all your group’s precious stuff (including dry clothes) will live to fight another day.

Portable charger

Keep your phones and iPods juiced with one of these battery- or solar-powered gadgets. Remember, getting back to nature with the aid of lots of technology is the way forward.

You might not be wearing the twin set and pearls, but you’ll be just as happy as this lovely lady when you can still use your phone to find your friends, when you’re wandering in the mud, lost, at 3am in the morning

Headlamp torch or lantern

A headtorch – it’s an indispensable geek-chic accessory for those middle-of-the-night portaloo missions, or just for avoiding tripwire guy ropes in the dark. Plus, when you’re back at your festival base camp discussing bands long into the night, continue the party in camping-lantern light.

Sun stuff

Avoid that sun-blistered lobster look and receive endless props by being the one who actually brings the suncream, rather than queuing for half an hour to pay twice the price for it at a festival shop. Plus there’s usually no shade to speak of, so take a hat.

First Aid kit

No need to get all Ray Mears about it, but why waste time on a trip to the medical tent for something relatively trivial when you could be watching a band instead? Pack Alka Seltzer, plasters for welly blisters, medicine for upset stomach and pain killers to ensure no one ends up in more discomfort than they have to be.

This team of festival medics won’t always be there to take care of you. Stay on the safe side – pack a first aid kit and steer clear of the medical ministrations of any of these health care ‘professionals’. Hmmmm....

Snow boots

A tip just for you – banish cold feet forever with stylish snow boots. If they’re designed to keep you warm on the Alpine slopes, they’ll surely be able to handle a mild night in the British countryside.

Two-person Inflatable Loveseat

You’re going to take a seat anyway, so why not take a two-person one? Comes with two built-in drinks holders so you can cosy up with a friend and both give your feet a rest.

Emergency Tent Repair Kit

Torn tents and broken poles courtesy of a staggering reveller are no fun in the rain. Pack a repair kit with glue, flysheet, inner and groundsheet material and a tube to fix your poles, and never more will you need fear the drunken hordes walking uncomfortably close to your tent in the middle of the night.

Jaffa Cakes

If you want to be a hero, these are the most essential thing on this list. Unveil with a flourish round about 2am.


If you’re ready to hit the festivals – check out e festivals and their definitive guide to festivalling


This is a guest blog from Ellis Brigham – check them out for all your camping and adventuring needs

Photo Credit: Campanero Rumbero

4 Responses to How To Be A Festival Camping Hero

  1. jamie - cloud people adventures Reply

    April 15, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    love the love-seat. i am definitely not one of these organised people. if i had to add something it would be a wetsuit and a body-board for mud-hill slide sessions.

    • The Blighty Traveller Reply

      April 15, 2011 at 4:03 pm

      Good choice Jamie, I would quite fancy a mud-hill body-board session myself if you were able to get me and my jaffa cakes out of the love seat 🙂

  2. Jane Reply

    June 4, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    I envy those well-organized people. I would never take first aid kit with me, wouldn’t just pop up in my mind to take it:( I guess I would take just sleeping bag, IPhone (or better some simple phone which I wouldn’t cry about in case of losing), money (where without it?!=)), good company and a good mood! But sure, better to be prepared

    • The Blighty Traveller Reply

      June 6, 2011 at 7:54 am

      I am the same Jane, I am not the most organized of people. One thing I would think of for sure though is not to take an iPhone 🙂

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